The Launch Stories Instagram Templates for Online Businesses

You’ve got an amazing offer. You’ve got expertise that supports your client in reaching their goals. You know how to teach that stuff.

But still, selling it (especially on Instagram) can be hard.

Been there, done that.

The thing is: Sales is not so much about your product’s awesomeness. (Because, as hard as it sounds, most people won’t care about the actual product.)

Most people care about themselves, about their problems and their desires.

🌟 And the easiest way to sell to them is by telling a story of how your offer is going to help them alleviate the problems and achieve what they want.

So, what’s the secret sauce? How do you make Instagram stories that let your community open their wallets?

πŸ‘‰ We’ve got you covered!

30+ Launch Story Instagram Templates to Sell Out your Service, Coaching, Online Course or Digital Product

What’s inside this template pack:

  • 30 Instagram Story Templates to create powerful sales stories and sell out your offers

How to use the templates: Best sales content ideas from this template pack ⬇️

  • Q&A: What do you want to know about [Offer] (use question stickers)
  • Personal Story: “How I achieved [Goal]”
  • Realtalk: “Sorry, but [X] will not magically [Y]”
  • Share who joined your offer with a post-it graphic
  • Show what’s inside the course/service/product with a mockup

Which templates are included?

Get a peek into this template pack and discover the templates waiting for you:

Want to get started to promote your offer with the help of captivating stories?

Become a member in the Template Membership and download the Launch Instagram Stories now ‡️

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