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Create an engaging + beautiful Instagram grid or carousel in seconds with our Grid Maker and download your split images without installing an extra app!

Start with uploading your IG graphic, photo or puzzle to the Image Splitter tool 👇👇👇

Drop your image here or click below to upload.


Select 3 columns for a standard Instagram grid

Image Cut

Select if you want to cut the image into grid posts (square) or into carousel posts (take up the full height of the image)

Your split posts will be shown here. Hit the button to create your grid.

How to split photos into an IG grid?

Here is how the Instagram Grid Creator works:

Step 1

Choose Image or Graphic

Upload an image or a puzzle graphic from Canva (see the recommended dimensions)

Step 2

Set your Options

Choose whether you want to cut your image into a grid (puzzle) layout or into carousel slides (= Instagram carousel post)

Step 3

The split magic happens

Our tools cuts your grid image in the standard 3-column Instagram squares (the algorithm will automatically calculate how many rows you need) or into single carousel slides

Step 4

Download your Instagram Posts

We’ll show you a preview of how the posts will look like in the grid or as a carousel post. You can then download the images individually or as a zip archive

Recommended Dimensions for Split Images

Want to create a puzzle graphic yourself? Here are the ideal dimension for Instagram grid posts:

3x1 Grid

3240 x 1080px

3x2 Grid

3240 x 2160px

3x3 Grid

3240 x 3240px

3x4 Grid

3240 x 4320px

3x5 Grid

3240 x 5400px

3x6 Grid

3240 x 6480px

Why use our online grid creator to split your pictures for Instagram?

Easily cut an Instagram puzzle feed or a large photo into a 9×9 grid layout and create weeks of content in a few clicks

No app download needed – our picture splitter tool works on desktop and on your phone, right from your browser

Slice an image into slides or squares without photoshop and download the individual photos or all Instagram grid posts as a zip archive

Frequently Asked Questions:

Easy! All you need to do is upload your picture or graphic to the Grid Maker. Select if you’d like to cut your photo into an IG grid (square posts in a grid layout) or into a carousel.

Yes! You can perfectly use this tool as a puzzle maker and split your Instagram puzzle graphic into single posts.

The Grid Maker works with any image dimension and will automatically calculate how many IG posts you can create. For best results, see our recommended photo dimensions.

Upload your graphic or photo to the grid maker and select ‘Carousel’ and how many columns (= slides) you need. This will divide your image into nice carousel slides, ready to post on Instagram!

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