Bye-bye Instagram Hustle: Create your own 9 Grid Feed Layout

Today I’ve got a top tip for all those of you who feel overwhelmed with Instagram. With posting multiple times per week, the never-ending content creating and the doomscrolling…

Sometimes it’s just so exhausting 🥵

So, are you ready for my favorite lazy girl Instagram trick? 💅

👉 Introducing: The 9 Grid Instagram Feed Layout

The 9 grid is a concept made popular by Kristen Achziger from Going Ultraviolet – and for me it’s one of the most genius ways to create a solid Instagram grid.

Kristen even used our Engagement Power Puzzle to create her original grid!

So, what’s the idea behind the 9 grid?

→ You create 9 single posts (or carousels) that sit on top of your profile + act like a sales page, about page and homepage all in one!

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A 9 Grid Instagram feed has multiple benefits:

  • You don’t have to create content all the time, but still get to have an Instagram presence that hooks your audience
  • New profile visitors get the round-up about your brand in 9 strategic posts that are designed to attract just the right followers
  • Use the 9 grid for special occasions like launches and sales to tell a story through 9 connected posts

How to create a 9 Grid feed in Canva?

Are you hooked now about saving time and nerves with a simple 9 grid feed? Then let’s see how you can easily create one yourself in Canva.

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1. Create a new design in the size of 3240 x 3240px

We’ll create this 9 Grid as one big design that will later be cut into 9 single posts. This way you’ll always see how your posts look together and it’s easier to create a cohesive style!

First of all, create a new design in Canva and set the size to 3240 x 3240px.

2. Set Guides to create a 3×3 grid

Now, we’ll enable Canva’s rulers and guides by clicking on File > View settings > Show rulers and guides.

Drag two rulers in from the left and two from the top. Set them to 1080px and 2160px each.

Tip: If you can’t seem to get them to the exact px value, zoom into your design a bit and try again.

Now you’ve got a 3×3 grid you can follow to design your content!

3. Design your 9 Grid feed layout

It’s time to get creative – and strategic! Think about the goal your 9 grid needs to achieve and fill your empty grid with 9 posts.

Pay attention to where the guides divide the posts – if you want to create more of a puzzle look, you can also add overlapping elements that will create a seamless design in the final feed.

Tip: Find my favorite 3 use cases with content suggestions below!

4. Cut your 9 Grid in single posts

Now you only need to download your design and cut it into single posts.

We’ve got a handy free tool called the Grid Maker which has been created exactly for this purpose!

Go to the Grid Maker, upload your design and select 3 Columns and Image Cut: Grid.

Optional Tip: Instead of just creating 9 single posts, you could also design additional carousel pages or even turn some of them into Reels covers!

3 Types of 9 Grid Feed Layouts you need to know

Are you ready to design a 9 grid, but don’t know which posts to include? I’ve collected 3 use cases where a 9 grid is the perfect solution.

Let’s see which posts should be included and how to structure a successful 9 grid feed 👇

The Launch 9 Grid Feed

A launch is the perfect phase to test a 9 grid layout and see if it’s for you. The 9 connected posts will tell a story about your new offer and invite your audience to learn about it and make a purchase decision.

Posts to include in the Launch 9 Grid:

  • Introduce your offer + countdown
  • Talk about the goal / problem your offer solves
  • Cover objections
  • Use empowering memes
  • Correct common misconceptions
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The Podcast 9 Grid Feed

Do you host a podcast, but you’re running out of ideas what to post on Instagram to reach new listeners? Then a 9 grid may be just the right option to keep work on a second page to a minimum, but still create impactful content!

Posts to include in the Podcast 9 Grid:

  • Introduce the host
  • Highlight latest interviews or your listeners favorite episodes
  • Podcast reviews
  • Quotes from recent episodes
  • Funny memes to introduce what your podcast is about
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The Instagram Landing Page 9 Grid Feed

This one is perfect if you’re starting a new Instagram page from scratch, have gone through a rebranding or just want to take a break from posting all the time.

The 9 posts in this grid act like a landing page that introduce new visitors to your brand, build trust and promote your freebie or signature offer.

Posts to include in the Landing Page 9 Grid:

  • Introduce yourself / your team
  • Educational content about your topic like checklists, How tos
  • Talk about common mistakes your audience makes
  • Address the No. 1 goal your ideal client has
  • Positioning statements and opinions
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