How to Create a White Border around Images in Canva

This is one of my favorite Canva hacks!

Have you ever wondered how we created the white border around cut-out images? Like also featured in some of our Instagram Template Packs?

Then this quick tutorial is for you!

Add a white border around cut-out images in Canva - like in this Instagram Template
Add a white border around cut-out images in Canva - like in this Instagram Reels Template
Add a white border around cut-out images in Canva - like in this Instagram Post Template

We are using one of Canva’s new image effects.

This method has the benefit that you can create a border in any weight, transparency and color you wish. Not just plain white.

Let’s start ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Step 1: Use the background remover feature

Place your image in a new Canva design.

We are now using the background remover feature available in Canva Pro to create a cut out photo.

Click on your image, go to Effects and then select the Background Remover tool.

If you don’t have access to Canva Pro, you can either sign up for a 30 Day Canva Pro Trial or use the free service at to strip off the background from your photo.

Step 1: Use the Background Remover feature of Canva Pro to create a cut out image

Step 2: Use the Glow shadow effect with settings

Now we are ready to add our border around the image.

We’ll be using the Shadow feature for this.

Select your cut out image and navigate to Effects.

Under the Shadow Effects, you will see Glow. This is what we need!

Apply the Glow shadow and then click again on the little settings icon that shows up.

Use the Glow shadow on your image

The options for our Glow shadow opens and we can style our border.

To achieve a plain white border, use the following settings:

  • Size: as you wish
  • Transparency: 100
  • Blur: 0

You can play around here and create borders in completely different styles.

Use the shadow options to create a border style you like

And voila, that’s it.

This is how you can add this nice border around your cut-outs.

Like watching a quick video tutorial? Here are the steps to create a white image border in Canva:

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