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the Templates

What are Canva templates? How do they work?

Canva templates are easy to use design templates you can use to create content for your Social Media like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Co. You can fully customise these Templates to fit your needs and branding. All you need is a free Canva account and you can start improve your Social Media content from the get go. 

I'm not a social media or graphic design pro - will the templates work for me?

You bet! We have designed all our templates for people who love to be creative with their marketing, but don’t have vast experience in graphic design or online marketing. Every template pack comes with content ideas and strategy baked-in, so you are perfectly prepared.

Can I use the images and videos on your Canva Templates?

Yes, the stock images and stock videos are included and can be used in the templates.

Please note that we sometimes use photos or videos from the Canva Pro library. If you’re not a Pro user, you can however easily swap them out for your own content.

Do I need Canva Pro using the templates?

No, you don’t need Canva Pro for working with our templates. All templates work perfectly fine with the free version of Canva. However some of our Ttmplates are using premium fonts and stock image material which are from the Canva Pro library. You can easily replace any of the content you find on our templates with our own. 

How can I use your templates?

Our Canva templates are copyrighted! 
You can use our Canva templates for either one Personal or one Business account (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest etc.) in any way that is not restricted (see RESTRICTED USES section). 
You may: 
You may use the templates to create content and graphics for your Social Media and Business.
Restricted Use:
You may not under any circumstances sell, resell, redistribute or share in any way our editable Canva templates to third parties even if you have customised or made modifications to them.

the Membership

What is the Template Membership?

The MSB Template Membership is everything you need to grow and boost your Social Media & Online Business. Get picture perfect and strategic Canva templates for Instagram & Co in one place and never waste your time again searching for the right templates for your Social Media & Business. Wait there is even more, next to Canva Templates we also offer a huge resource library plus Canva Trainings for all levels.

When are new templates added to the Membership library?

We’re adding new templates every month – to be exact 2-3 times every month! Most of the time, this means you get access to 100+ new Canva templates, with content ideas already baked in. From what our members tell us, this is more than enough to fill up your content calendar for weeks in advance.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the templates, we do not offer refunds on monthly, quarterly, or annual memberships. If you subscribe to the Template Membership and it’s not what you need at the moment, you can cancel at any time.

I can't login into my account.

If you have trouble to login into your account, please try to reset your password and attempt a new login. If you still experience issues, please contact us at hello@mysocialboutique.co.

How long can I use the templates as a member?

You can download and use the templates in your Canva account as long as you are an active member. When you cancel your membership, your template license (and SMM license) expires. However, you can still use the templates until the end of your subscription term.

Content you posted using our templates during your active membership will stay unaffected after your cancellation.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership in your Account area. Go to the Subscriptions tab and select the “Cancel” option.

If you need assistance, please contact us at hello@mysocialboutique.co.

How does the auto-bill work?

Our quarterly and annual plans are auto-billed on a recurring basis according to your payment schedule.

If you would like to prevent auto-billing, you can cancel your current membership plan at any time. You will continue to have membership access until the end of your current plan, but you will not be re-billed at the end of the term.

I'm looking for a specific template in the library.

If you’re searching for a template, you can use our filter system and narrow down your search to find it faster. 

General Questions

How do I cut my puzzle or carousel templates?

You can cut our Instagram puzzle grid templates and carousel templates with our Grid Maker tool.

Do you offer Canva trainings?

Yes, we do! We are constantly adding Canva trainings and mini courses to our Membership’s resource library.

If you’re not a member yet, you can hop over to the blog and check out our free tutorials (they’re amazing!)

Do you also offer custom templates?

We do! You can contact us for custom template inquires.

Additionally, members can suggest their ideas for templates and we will bring them to life via our monthly template pack drops. 

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