Cancellation Policy – Membership

Membership Cancellation by Member

The Member of this concerned Membership has the right to cancel her/his membership subscription at any time after her/his successful signup, registration and payment. The Member can cancel the membership subscription via her/his account setting tab.. 

  • After the membership cancellation the member license will not renew and will definitely end by the end of the license period (1 year).
  • After the cancellation the member will still have access her/his account dashboard until the end of the license period. After the license period has ended the member  account will be closed and the member won’t be able to access it anymore.
  • The member will have the chance to reactivate her/his membership subscription after cancellation within the license period. A reactivation after the membership period has ended is not possible and the member will have to registrar anew.
  • We at reserve the right to limit the members access to our membership materials & resources if we believe the member is misusing her/his account access after the cancellation. We reserve the right to do so based on our best believe and upon suspicious behaviour by the member.

Refund Policy

We at have a strict NO REFUND policy wich means after a successful signup and registration a refund is categorically excluded. Please understand that you the member is agreeing to this terms by clicking the buy button and finalising the membership purchase. 

Membership Lapses and Membership Reactivation

If the member chooses to cancel her/his membership at any time and return at a later date the member will be subject to any rate increases at the time of enrollment & registration.

Membership Cancellation by Membership Provider

We at MySocialBoutique reserve the right to cancel, limit and fully close the membership of a member if we find that the member is misusing our membership. This may include but not limit to following instances:

  • The Member is sharing her account credentials to our membership will third parties.
  • The Member is downloading the materials to a suspicious and exzessive frequency.
  • The Member is redistributing or reselling our materials. 
  • The Member is claiming copyright to your products, designs and other materials by sharing them online. 
  • The Member is misbehaving towards and/or other Members. 
  • The Member is harming in any damaging way intentionally and unintentionally.


We at reserve the right to cancel the membership of a member and permanently ban and exclude her/him from it if we find indications that a member is causing harm and damages to the company (MySocialBoutique) and all it’s connected entities.

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30. September 2022

Please note: When you cancel your subscription, your template license expires at the date set above. You won’t be able to use any templates from the membership library after this date (including those already downloaded into your Canva account).
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