300+ Canva Templates to Set your Business Instagram Up for Success

Build a consistent brand and grow a thriving community that is excited to buy from you – without spending endless hours designing from scratch.


Let me tell you why it's time to skip boring Canva templates that are not designed for engagement 👇

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Are you overwhelmed by constantly creating content for Instagram?

I totally get it. As a small business owner you’re juggling content creation with all the thousand other tasks of running your business.

Then you see other entrepreneurs with their polished, cohesive feeds and wonder how on earth they manage to keep up.

Well, there is a not-so-secret sauce:

They use strategic, designer-made templates.

The Engagement Boost Bundle is designed to make your Instagram life a 1000x easier – and give you a pixel-perfect blueprint where you only need to add in your content.

Bye-bye Content Stress!

What if you could cut the endless content struggle and grow an engaged, thriving community with high-quality content?

With the Engagement Boost Bundle you’ll be able to:

🍿 Create standout posts quickly: Dive back into what you love about your business and share your expertise, minus the design stress.

👏 Consistently nail your brand’s look: Design a feed that’s totally you and naturally attracts your tribe of people (the one’s who really want to work with you).

💬 Boost your engagement rates: Spark conversations under your posts and build a thriving community around your brand, all while keeping your workload light.

Find time for you: Imagine having the space to breathe, pursue a passion project, or double down on other business tasks, knowing your Instagram content is done.

Over 2,000+ small business owners love our Engagement Templates

What's included in this 300+ Template Bundle:

Get unlimited access to 8 of our bestelling engagement-boosting Canva template packs  👇

The Coach Engagement Posts Pack

Instagram Posts optimized to grow conversations and foster genuine interactions – not just for coaches!
Normally sold for: $19 Included!

The Engagement Power Stories

This story pack shows you 35+ different ways how to use stickers and engagement tactics for more story interactions.

Normally sold for:  $23 Included!

The Engagement Power Posts

Our signature engagement posts pack – full with strategies for more likes, comments, shares and saves.

Normally sold for:  $19 Included!

The Questions & Answers Posts Pack

Get a filled up comment section under each new post, by asking cleverly designed questions.

Normally sold for: $20 Included!

The Video & Reels Instagram Kit

Leverage Reels as an engagement booster – with over 70 animated templates and matching covers.

Normally sold for: $27Included!

The Engagement Power Puzzle

If you want your content creation to feel as lazy as possible, use our 9 Grid strategy with this puzzle template and get your engagement posts done in a day!

Normally sold for: $19 Included!

The Launch Instagram Puzzle Templates

Effortlessly set up an Instagram launch campaign for your course, program or service with this 18-post puzzle feed.

Normally sold for: $19 Included!

The Engagement Booster Kit

If the eras tour had an Instagram department, this would be it: Posts and stories designed to build a hyped community.

Normally sold for: $25 Included!

Story Games Pack

Tap into new communities and triple your reach by sharing fun games, like ‘This or That’, ‘Bingo’ and more.

Normally sold for: $19 Included!

+ A special Bonus Training if you get the bundle today!

The Canva Template Workflow

Total value: $97


Learn how to save hours of your time in Canva when customizing the Engagement Booster templates.

The template workflow  you need to create content faster + with better results

Beginner-friendly: We show you step-by-step how to work with Canva templates

Integrate your brand kit, your templates and your content in a time-saving Canva routine

I designed these templates to save you 20+ hours every month - and leave you with a flourishing Instagram community.

Creating content will feel fun again, because you know that your audience is already waiting for your next post!

The Instagram Engagement Boost Template Bundle for Canva

Instant access to over 300 time-saving Instagram templates for Canva – tried-and-tested by 2,000+ businesses 👇

$170 Only $37

incl. VAT (if applicable)

Save 80% when you get it today!

Hi there, I'm Julie!
I Design Fun and Strategic Templates to Help you Grow Your Engagement

Four years ago I invested $2k+ into a fancy Instagram growth course by a well-known coach. I implemented all the strategies, but still felt overwhelmed with creating engaging content.

Then I discovered that using graphics with persuasive design principles turned my so-so posts into engagement machines!

With this template bundle I want to save you 20+ hours every month and get you straight to my source of engagement-boosting designs.

Still got some Questions?

After your purchase you receive immediate and unlimited access to the template bundle. We’ll send you an email with your download and off you go! Please also check your spam folder.

You bet! These templates have been tried and tested by over 2,000 businesses in all kinds of niches and industries! From wellness coaches to jewelry sellers and dog training course creators. If you want to reach more clients or customers on Instagram, these templates are the perfect fit for your business!

Yes! You can use the templates in this bundle for your own Instagram account plus one client account. Please purchase a separate license for every other account you want to use the templates on.

Nope! This is a one-time purchase which gives you access to 320+ of our bestselling Canva templates. No recurring payment, no subscription needed.

You don’t! All our templates are designed to work with Canva free just as well as with Pro.

Yes! We have designed all our templates for people who love to be creative with their Instagram account but don’t have the time to spend hours creating new designs or sourcing the latest trends. Plus, with our bonus training you’ll be a Canva pro in no time!

With this offer you’ll get a bundle of strategic, engagement-boosting and beautifully designed templates, tailor-made for your needs as a busy entrepreneur – and I can guarantee you won’t get something like these anywhere else… 🤫

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